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FREE Strategy Session Phone Call

The first step is a completely free strategy session where we outline your path to success and determine if we are a good fit.

Personalized Training And Nutrition Programming

If accepted, you will work with a fitness and nutrition professional that will collaborate with you to create an optimized workout and nutrition program that gets you started making a transformation immediately. 

Physique Accelerator Course

After acceptance, you will be given immediate access to the Physique Accelerator course that helps teach you exactly what you need to know (and only what you absolutely need to know) so that you can perfect the process and keep making changes FOREVER.  
STEP #1: Strategy Session
If you feel you are ready to go from simply working out to training for your dream body, then the first step you need to take is to schedule a completely free strategy session phone call with Nick or one of his fitness and nutrition specialists. 

This call normally takes about 45 minutes. In it we will discuss the best strategy to get you to where you want to be with fitness and nutrition. We will also determine if we are a good fit and if the Physique Accelerator Program is right for you. 

If it isn't that is completely fine and there are no hard feelings. It is very important for Nick to get results for his clients and people are turned away if we believe that we are not the right program for you and we don't think we can get you results. 

If you want to transform your physique, while also becoming the smartest person in the gym, schedule your strategy session right now and fill out the survey to help us come to the call ready to give you the perfect strategy.
STEP #2: Personalized Fitness And Nutrition Program
Whenever you are starting out or are at a point where you are no longer making progress, you need to have a professional help. They can get you pointed in the right direction and help you optimize your current program so you avoid years of failure and thousands of wasted dollars. 

If you and I determine that we are the correct fit and that we can get you incredible results, we will start immediately with creating you a workout program and performance eating plan. 

You will be paired with either Nick or another expert who will collaborate with you to create an optimized program based on your experience and goals. We have the knowledge and passion to create any physique imaginable, just add hard work.

Nick is very specific with the experts he hires and requires more knowledge and experience than a simple online PT certification. That way, you know you are working with the best of the best. 

Every aspect of the program will be described to you in great detail so you can understand what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how to do it. If you do have any questions, need tweaks, or want any advice at all, you have access to the private community and direct access to the professional helping you!
STEP #2: Personalized Fitness And Nutrition Program
STEP #3: The Physique Accelerator Course
The major difference between the people with the best bodies in the world and the average population is fitness and nutrition knowledge. They know what works, then ignore the rest. They aren't buying cookie-cutter workout plans or using fitness apps. 

The thing that makes the Physique Accelerator Program truly game-changing is the fact that it includes a full course to teach you everything you need to know to be able to get any results you may like, without all of the extra information in the market. 

Once you learn exactly what to do, you have the power to keep making changes in your body forever, without being shackled to a personal trainer, influencer, or supplement company. 

What's In The Physique Accelerator Course?



Fitness and nutrition are a life long journey that requires you to get started properly or be doomed to fail. 

In this module we get your journey going in the right direction by teaching you the only 4 things that you need to concentrate on when it comes to building a phenomenal physique both inside and out. If you learn these four things and perfect them, you can forever create an incredible physique. 

We also get you set-up for the rest of the course and get you into the private member's area where we do live calls to ensure you get results. 

By the end of this module you will know exactly how you should be working out and what you need to concentrate on to get the best results without all of the extra confusion.


Most people will never know or understand how their body actually operates. They won't understand why to workout certain ways and how to get the perfect transformation. 

This holds them back or keeps them forever confused by the fitness and nutrition industries. 

In this module, we dive into how your body actually operates and how resistance training effects it and transforms it. This science can get really confusing so I cut out all of the extra confusing information and only teach you what you need to know to be able to apply it and not get overwhelmed. 

By the end of this module you will know more about your body and resistance training than a majority of the world. Plus, you will be able to know exactly the information you should pay attention to throughout the rest of the course!


You can't transform your body if you don't know where you are currently and where you want to be. 

In module 3 we determine where you are currently in your fitness journey and anything that might be limiting you. Then, we determine exactly where you want to be. This includes where you want to build muscle, what you want your dream physique to look like, how much weight you want to lose, and more. 

This module gets us pointed in the right direction for creating a workout program and performance eating plan that is tailored specifically for you and your own individual goals. 


In module 4, we deep dive into every variable of creating an optimized workout plan that is individualized specifically to you and your goals. 

We go over 10 variables that you need to consider when you build a weight lifting program, the intricacies of the variables, and the results you will get by using certain aspects of the variables. 

We also cover the best form of cardio to skyrocket fat loss without losing your hard earned muscle or spending countless hours doing cardio. Finally, I give you some expert tips and tricks to build muscle and lose fat. 

By the end of this module you will know how to create a perfectly crafted workout program,  like the professionals, to take you from beginner to intermediate to advanced in the most scientific way possible.  


Nutrition and weightlifting work synergistically to create muscle. You cannot create muscle without a proper workout program and you cannot create muscle without proper nutrition. One is worthless without the other. 

In this fifth module I clear up the nutrition industry and cover only what you need to know to build muscle, lose fat, or both. We go over the 7 steps to creating a performance eating plan to get any result that you want, for life. 

Losing or gaining weight comes down to mostly the quality and quantity of your diet. It is so important that you get your eating right so that you can perform inside and out of the gym, while also being as healthy as possible.  


The biggest mistake people make with lifting weights is doing improper technique. This can not only give you mediocre results, but also cause injuries and expensive medical bills. 

You need to learn and understand how to do the proper technique for weightlifting exercises, while also knowing how to manipulate the techniques to your own individual body and to the results that you want. 

It is not just enough to watch a short video of the exercise. You need to understand how your body operates, the muscles used, and be walked through how to perform the technique. This will get you better looking and operating muscles, in an even shorter time. 

By the end of this module you will know exactly how to perform perfect weightlifting technique, the different major muscles that you can train, and how they operate. All without the extra confusing information. 

Plus, I give expert tips and tricks to help you fast track your results and get the best looking muscles possible! 


To help ENSURE that you get results and that this is the last fitness and nutrition program that you'll ever need, you also get:
  • Access to a private community of people going on the same journey as you. You can team up, get a gym buddy, celebrate your wins, and get support through the tough times
  • ​Live Q&A calls to answer any and all of your questions including checking your nutrition plan, giving tips and pointers to enhance your workout plan, technique critiques, and so much more
  • ​Exclusive bonuses that are not available anywhere else
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to: the Physique Accelerator course, all updates and improvements, the support community, and the live Q&A calls so you never have to buy another course or program again


If you want to finally get your dream physique, click the button below and speak with one of the our experts or even Nick!

Let's get started! Your first step is a FREE strategy session with one of our success experts. 
Just in case you were wondering why I created this program:

After watching countless videos and hearing different opinions on the same topics from dozens of different Fitness "Influencers", I decided to take matters into my own hands...

All of the "influencers", fitness experts, magazines and websites, and personal trainers were selling plans that worked for them but did not provide the results for my individual body. They were great workouts but lacking a lot...

I decided to get a real education on the science of resistance training, creating a workout for specific results, the proper technique to skyrocket results, and nutrition that actually built muscle while losing fat.

After applying the research-based information (from the most respected organizations) I was able to clear up all confusion and finally transform my physique internally and externally. 

Once I was able to get results for myself, I watched my friends and family struggle with the same problems I was. They were working hard but confused as to exactly what to do to create the physique of their dreams. 

They could put together a workout but they didn't know how to go from simply working out, lifting weights, eating boring meals, and spending countless hours on the treadmill, to a creating a calculated program that helps to get them consistent results, quality muscle, fat loss without muscle loss, and avoid the confusion normally associated with it all. 

So I took all of the top aspects for creating the best bodies in the world (i.e. fitness models, bodybuilders, professional athletes, sports dietitians) including strength and conditioning coaching, personal training, reading scientific books, and nutrition coaching, and I combined them to create a program that everyone needs to get them started perfectly, then keep making changes forever. 

I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on fitness and nutrition knowledge, 10+ years in the gym, years studying, I was a NCAA Division 1 athlete, I have trained with professional bodybuilders and collegiate strength and conditioning coaches, and I am part of an underground community of fitness and nutrition experts... so when I say I can get you results, I mean it.

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