"What do I have to do to look like that?"
Build a custom fitness program built on your current level, your goals, and your lifestyle:  
Once you finish the quiz, please give it a few seconds to create your program and determine your optimal program strategy
This quiz Builds your 100% custom workout & nutrition plan (in less than 2 minutes):
  • Get the exact training and nutrition strategy you should be following to efficiently build shock & awe strength, trim inches off your belly, and pack on attractive muscle tone that commands attention from the beach to the board room
  • Create a 100% custom workout program and diet in just 19 questions and in under 3 minutes to match your body, life, genetics, and experience
  • Learn why your current program is holding you back from the results you should be getting and why working harder will just keep you stuck... and how to fix it quickly
  • ​Discover the most efficient way to build the best body in any room  
Who Is Nick Schlager?
Hi. My name is Nick Schlager. And I’m not your average “fitness guru”. In fact, I’m hardly on social media at all.

Sick of feeling like I had lost the genetic lottery... 

I took the painful route of spending thousands of hours pouring over research and forking over $20,000 on coaches and fitness education to hone my skills…  

Nowadays, I’m part of an underground group of science-based fitness coaches who take things back to the basics of what is proven to work to break through any barrier your life and body throws at you…

No matter your genetics or how many times you’ve failed.

This FREE program-builder quiz cuts right to the chase and gives you the exact method Nick used to efficiently shed his "forgetable physique" and pack on 25 pounds of aesthetic muscle while dropping 7% body fat quickly...

...and how you can do the same without having to be held hostage by a personal trainer, supplement company, or cookie-cutter program! 
Most online fitness coaches give you cookie-cutter info that’s like a band-aid. They ignore the underlying issues keeping you stuck where you're at.

We do things differently around here.
Please give a few seconds to create your program once you finish the quiz!
The problem is: not everyone has 10 years and/or $10,000 so...
I made a simple and fast 19-question quiz to do all of the work for you! 
That way you can get better results with a program that:
  • Matches your goals and training experience...
  • ​Is adjusted to fit your lifestyle, stress, sleep... 
  • ​Is backed by the most up-to-date muscle-building science and avoids any bro-science...
  • ​Is simple, easy to follow, sustainable, and affordable, so you can consistently build muscle, avoid plateaus, and drop BF without even trying!​
It doesn't matter if you're just starting out on your physique transformation journey (picture #1), in the middle of it (picture #2), or are an advanced trainee (picture #3).

The quiz adjusts every single variable to match your answers and create you a program that is ideal for you. 
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