How To Go From An Average Body To An Apex Physique By Adapting And Optimizing Your Program To Match Your Body's Natural Feedback System 
Use Adaptive Feedback Training To Solve The Missing Link To Developing The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Muscle FOREVER
    Introducing The Elite Physique Trainings
    Introducing the last fitness and nutrition program you will EVER need: The Elite Physique Coaching Program.

    Use Adaptive Feedback Training to solve the “missing link” so you shatter impossible plateaus and unlock unlimited muscle growth, endless superhero strength, and ooze confidence at the gym, beach, and office.

    This isn’t just some coaching program. You’re going to get a full-on course so you become a certified Adaptive Feedback Training expert and know how to build a brutally effective program tailored to your body.

    However, this isn't some personal trainer course that makes you read excessively long chapters that bore you but never really tell you what to do. Instead, everything is simple and straightforward. No added fluff and wasted time. 
    Lifetime Of Coaching
    You’ll inevitably need... more guidance, have your questions answered, and have accountability to a coach you’d hate to disappoint. After all, this is a coaching program!

    That’s why you get live weekly coaching calls 2x per week in our private community in which you can ask me anything your heart desires.

    I’ll coach you by helping you create your workout plans, design your nutrition plans, and dial everything in so you are 100% equipped to build a body worthy of being graced on a magazine cover.

    I’ll be holding your hand and walking you along every step of the way.
    Learn Anywhere, Anytime, And How You Like
    When you join the program, you get instant access to an online private member's area that you can login to anywhere and at anytime. 

    The trainings are highly condensed and straightforward so you can get results and implement everything instead of wasting time getting confused by excess information. 

    To help you get results, everything is provided in video format with precise video scripts so you can learn the way that suits you best.

    No more reading boring books or watching excessively long lectures on material you don't care about. Understand only what you actually need to know to be able to build an elite level workout and nutrition program completely optimized and individualized to be the perfect program for YOU.
    Adaptive Feedback And The "Missing Link"
    The missing link is the gap between your workout program and what your body actually demands at that moment.

    Imagine performing 8 reps when you could have done 12. On the other hand, imagine lifting 255 lbs when your body could only handle 245 lbs that day.

    Our genetics, lifestyle, stress levels, training experience, how we feel on a particular day, and so on all affect our performance. If you don’t match your training to your body’s feedback, it’s like your body’s calls are being sent to voicemail.

    The ONLY coaching program guiding you step-by-step to your elite fitness model dream body
     Elite Physique Course
    Build Muscle The Most Scientific Way Possible
    We took the unknown gray area of how to build muscle and turned it into a science. While others throw a bunch of exercises, reps, sets, and more together, we crafted everything so it builds on itself perfectly to get you real results for life. You learn step-by-step-by-step exactly what to do without getting overwhelmed or having to learn unnecessary science. 
     Adaptive Feedback And Autoregulation
    The missing link between your body's and program's demands

    If you are currently not using AFT, your program is suboptimal. Every person is unique and the way they adapt to their program is unique. Adaptive feedback uses that individuality to create a strength training program that will always be exactly what you need yearly, monthly, weekly, and even daily. It truly is the difference between becoming elite and anything else.
     Advanced Nutrition
    Elite-Level Nutrition Guidance

    No more estimating your calories, losing muscle on your cuts, and gaining excess fat on your bulks. A completely optimized nutrition program is necessary to build muscle, lose fat, and do it all at the perfect pace to stay lean, muscular, and aesthetic year round.
     Expert Coaching To Ensure Results
    2x Weekly Live Coaching Calls

    Every single week we host 2 live coaching calls to ensure you are able to get the results you want. 

    Everyone needs help and advice when tackling new challenges but true experts are out of reach for most people. Our clients also get 24/7/365 access to experts on Facebook and email support.
    Program Step-By-Step Process
    The Elite Physique Coaching Program is comprised of 7 modules that educate and guide you so you can optimize and individualize everything
    Module 1: Creating A Foundation
    We’ll cover the secret to triggering endless muscle and strength gains like clockwork and get the fundamentals out of the way so you grab low hanging fruit for fast results!
    Module 2: Determining Improvements
    You’ll get the step-by-step checklist to cutting vs bulking…

    And determine the truth about your personal genetic potential...

    So you add rock-hard muscle to your frame and trim inches off your belly, love handles, chest, and thighs with ease.

    Module 3: Advanced Nutrition
    We’ll dive into the ‘end all be all’ guide to determining exactly how much and what to eat for an Adonis Physique... 

    Down to the calorie so you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time and at the perfect pace. Yes, there is a perfect and precise pace.
    Module 4: Macro Program Variables
    You’ll discover the exact volume, sets, frequency, and which elite training routine is best for you.

    Stop taking a shot in the dark and calculate out exactly what you should be doing. 
    Module 5: Micro Program Variables
    Here you’ll get exclusive access to my treasure chest of elite training strategies to dial in your workout every day including your intensity, progression, volume, and exercise order.

    Everything is so precise that you even determine EXACTLY how many reps you should be doing for each and every individual exercise so your program matches your bodies demands.
    Module 6: Adjustments And Additions
    You’ll get the masterclass on warming up to perform like an Olympian and bulletproof your body against injuries. Plus the ultimate guide on cardio, strategic overreaching, nutrient timing, and other vital components you’ll need to unleash the apex predator within you.

    It's the little adjustments that take your from good to great to elite.
    Module 7: Becoming Elite
    Here we’ll put it all together to create your customized, world-class program using Adaptive Feedback Training for a truly elite physique. 
    The Plug and Play Workout Templates are done-for-you workouts. All you have to do is plug in some specifics and you got yourself a killer workout routine with every set, rep, and so on.

    I really want you to succeed so as a bonus I am going to give you my toolbox of materials that includes everything you need to crush your diet and your workouts.

    I invented an eating strategy that has been getting not just me, but my clients, amazing results. However, you still have the problem of needing to make the food. How about I teach you step-by-step how to hire a personal chef for the cost that you would normally spend on making your food?
    About Nick Schlager
    Just in case you were wondering why I created this program...
    My name is Nick Schlager. I’m a former NCAA Division 1 wrestler and self-titled ‘scrawny guy’.

    Nowadays, I’m an online fitness coach helping ambitious men and women turn their average-looking bodies into elite fitness model physiques that turn heads and ooze ‘apex predator’ in all areas of life.

    Don’t get it twisted. I’m not some fitness influencer. I’m barely even on social media. And I’m definitely not some genetically gifted fitness guru preaching bro-science.

    I’ve spent over 10 years training hundreds of people from gym newbies to elite top-level athletes.

    And over $10,000 on fitness education to hone my skills...including by forking over thousands of dollars to professional bodybuilders and pro strength & conditioning coaches to coach me.

    Unlike many others in the fitness industry, I wasn't blessed with the genetics of Zeus, so I couldn’t get away with nonsense. I had to truly become an expert to make progress.

    I’m simply coaching men and women so they can build an elite physique too...even if they lost the genetic lottery or have failed 1000 times before.
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